Weird Scholarships

When it comes to weird scholarships, idiosyncrasies rule! Have a penchant for calling ducks or a knack at decorating dresses with unusual materials? If yes is your answer, then you’ve come to the right spot for all unusual and distinctive students to garner a worthy scholarship for college.

Chick And Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest

Join the fun in calling ducks into your embrace and you have 90 seconds to do that to nail down a scholarship. Four winners will be bringing home $500-$2000 worth of scholarships and if you are a current high school senior, do not miss the offer. No entry fee is required and you can register at the Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce in Stuttgard, Arkansas for participation.

Little People of America Scholarship

This is the scholarship offered exclusively to little people who are diagnosed with dwarfism to provide them the opportunity to step into college despite their disability. Scholarships worth more than $1000 will be awarded for undergraduate and graduate programs. Post your application to the organization with complete details to win the scholarship.

Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship

Like little people, men and women who are super tall are also qualified for scholarships which cater specially for them. The Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship worth $1000 can be applied by students entering the first year of college. Contact a TCI member club located nearest to you to make an application.

Duck Brand Duct Tape College Scholarship

Get yourself all taped up this year at the prom with Duck Brand’s duct tape and you may win yourself a scholarship. Design your best prom outfit with duct tapes, splash it with colors and add a dash of uniqueness to it to stand out among the rest. All high school students are welcome to join the contest as 10 couples with the best prom outfits will be selected to win the scholarships.

Frederick and Mary F.Beckley Scholarship

To all the lefties out there, if you are studying at Pennsylvania’s Juniata College, this is the scholarship for you. You will be rewarded with $1000 if you stood out in good leadership qualities and excellent grades.

The Zolp Scholarship

Now students with the last name-Zolp will have a reason to rejoice. If you are from the Zolp family and currently studying in Loyola University, Chicago, you will have a chance to earn this scholarship which covers for all your tuition fees for 4 years in college.

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